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Speed the Light Day


Ask your pastor if you can schedule a STL service on national Speed the Light Sunday (the third Sunday in October). Invite your district youth director, the NYM Leadership Team, a missionary, or another guest speaker to challenge your church in giving to STL.

Check out the STL Store for additional free resources to promote and distribute on Speed the Light Day (or whatever day you choose to promote STL to the church).

You may also want to visit the STL Media Page to download STL videos, graphics, and more.


Through Speed the Light, our missionaries are provided the tools they need to speed the gospel around the world. And they are grateful for the sacrifices students have made and continue to make so that people can hear the message of hope. If every student gave just $100 to STL each year, every missionary's vehicle and equipment needs would be met!

Here are just a few of the testimonies we've received from our missionaries and the students who have sacrificed:

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