Getting Started: Why STL?

"STL helps missionaries like me make the most of our time and reach as many as possible. If STL didn't exist, I would have to scale back drastically on the amount of ministry I do. A STL car makes it possible for me to travel between 50,000 and 60,000 miles a year just in my state. Without STL, we couldn't use multimedia to communicate a never-changing message in a relevant way with today's teenager. We couldn't accomplish the vision God has given us."
-Youth Alive Missionary

Speed the Light is about giving and using what we have for God, so that heaven will be full and hell will be empty. Everything we do today has eternal ramifications. STL is crucial to the fulfillment of Jesus' commandment to "go into all the world..."

STL empowers both students and adults to take personal ownership of the Great Commission, and it provides everyone the opportunity to do at least something to reach the lost.

Youth ministries can use Speed the Light as part of an overarching strategy to help train students to become true disciples of Jesus Christ. This model incorporates the discipleship process of "WIN, BUILD, SEND, LEAD."