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Missionaries to Cameroon: The Temples

Sun, 07 Oct 2012 - 11:13 PM CST


The Temples (missionaries from Alabama) have spent over ten years in Cameroon sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Below are a few pictures of the vehicles Speed the Light has provided for the ministry they have been involved in, as well as, an explanation for each from Joel Temple.

The Temples have transferred to Botswana where they are helping with church planting and developing the Africa Tabernacle Evangelism ministry in that area.

Joel has expressed, "We pray God will bless all of you for the sacrifices made in giving to Speed the Light. If we didn't have STL available our task of reaching lost people would be a lot more difficult."


STL Impacts Cameroon

Pastor Jeremie Legue in Cameroon

This is pastor Jeremie Legue. He is pastoring the Church of Costa Blanca, one of the new church plants that we have started in the Kribi area. This church is just over a year old and is growing each week. People are being saved, baptized, delivered and healed! They have already started to reach capacity in their current building as they are averaging over 60 people. They will eventually find land and build a tabernacle to help them continue to grow.

The STL motorcycles purchased by JD Ost and the youth of Celebration Church in Fairhope, AL, have been an important part of this church plant. The church is located about seven miles outside of town where Jeremie lives, so the motorcycle has given him the ability to be consistent at the church which has enabled the growth that we are seeing today.

Also, Jeremie and his congregation are starting two more churches. One is a church plant of the Church of Costa Blanca in a village about two miles away. The other is in the center of Kribi town. Jeremie will be pastoring two of the churches and eventually hand them over to another pastor so that he can go and plant more churches. None of this would be possible without the STL motorcycles!


Pastors Ephraim, Jeremie, and Charles on STL Motorcycles

Pastors Ephraim, Jeremie, Charles are so grateful for the motorcycles that have empowered them to reach this area. These motorcycles are such a vital part of the ministry here and it would not be the same without these incredible tools! In October of last year, we held a service to inaugurate the five motorcycles for ministry in the Kribi area.


STL Truck in Cameroon

We are also so grateful for the assistance in purchasing this Toyata Dyna/ Tabernacle Truck. With the collaboration of myself and the other two missionaries in Cameroon, we have seen more than 100 tabernacles transported and constructed within the last 3 years alone. Again this would not have been possible without STL providing such an incredible tool for us!


Tabernacle and Congregation in Cameroon

This is one of the many Tabernacles that have been constructed in Cameroon. The churches are responsible for finishing the floors and walls which they do with great joy, since these tabs enable the congregations to grow at incredible rates. Again, thank you for having a vision for STL! This particular tabernacle is actually about ten times the size of the previous place they were meeting.


STL Truck in Cameroon (Nissan)

Last but not least, this is our 2006 4x4 Nissan pick up that has carried us all over Cameroon...up and down mountains, through muddy ravines and down pot holed roads. This truck has been a part of countless evangelistic outreaches, new church plants and tabernacle construction projects. Not to mention it also helps to carry our groceries when we travel four hours away to our nearest grocery store in the Capital of Cameroon.

We love STL!

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