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Team Spirit: Kaley Roberts

Thu, 05 Jul 2012 - 1:08 AM CST

On September 15 I was setting up for the Experience Conference that was starting the next day at my church. Every year the Student Church cafe provides meals and snacks for the attendees and all of the proceeds go to Speed the Light. I had been getting really excited about our Student Ministries raising money for our missionaries Justin and Sarah White, so that we could buy them a car. I knew that they were getting really close to reaching their monthly support and would be heading over to Romania soon. Throughout those few days, my heart became really heavy for Speed the Light and I felt that I needed to do something more. I had realized that if we did not fill our commitment to buy Justin and Sarah a vehicle, they would be over in Romania walking everywhere, and because of that, they would be quite limited.

While doing some research, I read a statement by Mark Schaufler saying “It has been estimated that each dollar that is given to Speed the Light increases the missionaries’ reaching power so that 75% more people will hear the gospel. Simply stated, if a missionary reached 100,000 people in one year, then 75,000 of them were reached because of Speed the Light!” This information quickly affected me, and showed me how great of an impact STL has on the mission field.

Kaley Roberts

Throughout the next few days “Walk for the Light” was birthed in my heart. To express the importance and need of a vehicle for Justin and Sarah, I decided that I would lay down my car keys and give up transportation for the week leading up to National Speed the Light day. Soon after, I began asking for donations per mile, day, and week, and got so excited through the process. In my heart my goal was to raise $1,000 through “Walk for the Light”, I knew that this was something that was well beyond me and it was going to take God working through it. Through the week of Oct. 10-15 I was able to walk 64 miles. I was stretched in ways I never imagined. It took having a good attitude each day when I walked out the door, but this soon turned into my favorite part of the day.

I don’t consider myself a great speaker. As a matter of fact, I don’t enjoy it at all, but during that week I had the opportunity to speak three times about what God was doing in my life. This, in itself, continued to show me that God was working through my sacrifice. I can only hope that students are inspired by this event. I pray that they would know they are more than capable of doing great things for God even at a young age, and begin to grow a heart for missions that would become contagious to others. I have been blown away by God’s goodness and left speechless at thefinancial gifts that have come in. Through “Walk for the Light” I was able to raise $3,141 for Speed the Light! This is well over my goal, and I'm convinced God had his hand over it the whole time.

My heart has exploded for missions, and I know that for right now I have been called to send. Whatever that may look like, whether time, energy, or financial sacrifice, I pray that I will be willing and ready for what God has for me next! -Kaley

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